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VR shooter On Point announced, and the action is on point!

by Rebecca McCready · March 16, 2023

Local development studio Actuator Digital has announced their gaming debut with On Point, an retro arcade shooter experience for VR.

On Point is inspired by classic arcade shooting games like Point Blank and Time Crisis. It has huge appeal across all ages, and is designed to be a spiritual successor to the light gun genre. All this, while still having its own unique feel and charm. The game is filled with retro inspirations, has an upbeat soundtrack and family-friendly target shooting action. On Point is looking to tug at the nostalgic heartstrings of older gamers and create a legion of new fans in the younger demographics.

Find us at the On Point WebPage, and head over to our press kit for more content.

Targets Galore

In On Point, players will get to experience dozens of different target-shooting galleries and minigames in a variety of flavors, from simple time attacks to frantic wave defense modes to tense one-shot accuracy challenges. As the player progresses through these minigames they will ramp up in difficulty and intensity, offering fun, frantic challenges for all skill levels.

Family Friendly

On Point differs from most VR titles in that limited movement is required to play the game, which in turn eliminates the troublesome, nausea-inducing movement that plagues most modern VR titles. In addition, because the targets are just that- cartoon targets, there is no blood or violence to worry concerned parents. Instead, the bright, wacky visuals offer a crisp modern take on those classic 90’s aesthetics that is suitable for everyone to enjoy.

Set to launch with early access on Steam in June of 2023, On Point is the perfect way to recapture the unforgettable atmosphere of classic arcade gaming. Register your interest in On Point by clicking the link here and add it to your wishlist!

The Takeaways

  • Family friendly arcade shooter for Virtual Reality
  • Strong 90’s aesthetic, with bold colors, bright visuals, and a funky soundtrack
  • 30+ minigames in a variety of styles
  • Currently single player but scheduled to support Local Multiplayer and Online competitive scoreboards
  • Releasing on Quest with other platforms to follow

About Actuator Digital

Actuator Digital is a Brisbane, Australia based development studio that started out creating products and services for corporate and industrial firms, but their core passion has always been games. Now, with a stable base of clients under their belt, they can finally branch out and pursue their dream of creating engaging and high-quality video games. On Point is their first released title.

Media Contacts:

Name: Sebastiaan Fehr
Company name: Actuator Digital
Phone number: +61410810858