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On Point Press Kit

by Sebastiaan Fehr · March 15, 2023

On Point Press Kit

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Fact Sheet

DeveloperActuator Digital
ESRBE for everyone
PlatformsVR on Steam, Meta, and PSVR
Price$16.99 USD
AvailabilityDigital Download


Experience classic 90’s arcade vibes with On Point, a fully immersive light-gun shooter for VR. You’ll have to think fast and shoot faster as you blast your way through over 30 wacky minigames designed for all ages and skill levels.

On Point is designed to be highly accessable, sit or stand, requiring one controller and one trigger input. Tuned for all expereince levels, the game features arcade style target shooting minigames ranging from low intensity challanges to ease players into VR. The game also caters to more experienced competitive players, with more difficult challanges and leaderboards.

Players can run riot through Three leves with 10 minigames each, for a total of 30 challanges packed with arcade action.

Video Trailer

MP4 download available here as a zip.

Actuator’s Company Story

At Actuator, we want the software that we create to be works of art that we, our customers and our users find beautiful.

Actautor’s disciplined, world-class approach to software development has enabled us to work in many enterprise industries. Its heart and soul however has always been the games industry. A passion for games unites us, and our love of the artistry required to create beautiful games drives us.

The games industry is notorious for its poor payment of staff, crunch culture and long working hours. Actuator has a deep respect for the artists who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of excellence through the creation of games. We recognise that the skills required to make games match those of any other art or science, and we aim to recognise this in the way we treat and compensate our team, while still creating games. Because everyone at Actuator excels, even as a small team we can create big things. Excellence sits at the heart of our culture, and we expect it from every team member.

Actuator wants to pay people according to the skills they bring to their work, not according to the standards of the games industry we hope to trade in. Actuator has, and aims to continue to be an owner-operator business, reinvesting its profits back into its people and projects. To fund our work in the games sector, Actuator applies the game development expertise of its staff to enterprise projects, and games contracting work. This puts us in the position of high staff costs, and no products, till now.

We set out in 2017 to create a games studio, and to fund this we followed the money down the software developmet path, away from our passions. For this reason, our goal is to use enterprise profits to build a profitable game; Point Blank, and use the profits from that to create our larger passion project; Hex.


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On Point


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